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What is this space about?

Life as a mom is challenging enough, but throw in running a business and spending intentional time homeschooling or just exploring and it just got a whole lot more hectic.

There are some great resources dedicated to moms who are entrepreneurs and even those that homeschool but most all of them focus on the business and not on the moms that run them.

Willow & Wonder Co is a blog dedicated to the unique challenges and rewards mothers everywhere, and especially who are entrepreneurs, face.

This blog and my social media are a place for sharing our tiny victories, crying over spilled milk (pumping mamas know what I’m talking about!), and finding some new friends and people to collaborate, commiserate, and celebrate with!

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Hey There!

I’m Kaitlyn.

Highschool for me was torture. I had severe anxiety which was one of the reasons I dropped out and got my GED the very next month. Using all of the web design, photography, and growing social media skills I landed my first social media job while I was attending a local two-year community college.

After having my first two daughters, Sylvia and Delilah, I realized I NEEDED MORE FREEDOM and that I could use all of my skills to help other small businesses with social media. I launched Pierce Social in July of 2016 and gave my notice at my 9 to 5 only 3 months later in October!

Now I am helping other mamas do the same and work from home themselves!

Now, because I’m a mom and an entrepreneur naturally I used one of my daughter’s milestones (PACIFIER WEANING!) to invent and launch a product called Binka Bear! I am a busy mama (with baby girl#3 already one year old!) and with all of the things I do and the people I work with I come across lots of great products and tips that are helpful to us mamas. This blog is where I combine my love of motherhood, homeschooling, business, a flexible lifestyle, and my photography skills to bring all of those things to you!

The motto we live by:

Mama, You Got This!

Get helpful tips for managing your daily life, planning new curriculum and activities, organizing your home and office, and get inspired by our mamas that contribute!


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