Dear Baby Girl,

It has been about three months since I last wrote you. You came into the world on February 6th and my life has forever changed for the better. That day in February was one of the scariest, exciting and happiest days of my entire life. I had no idea what to expect but one thing kept me going, knowing that I would soon have you in my arms and in our lives.

You were born with wide eyes ready to take in everything around you. For the first two weeks of your life I had a hard time sleeping feeling like I had to watch over you every second of the day. I have since relaxed a bit and we have all settled into a nice routine for bed time.

You have been such a happy and joyous baby girl from the start. You gave us your first real smile around 1 and a half months and just yesterday I heard you chuckle with laughter for the first time while I tickled your belly on the changing table. My favorite part of every day is when we wake up in the morning and you give me the biggest smile when I lean over and tell you good morning.

You love to lay on your back with your favorite musical toy over head and coo and yell. We have wonderful conversations every day and I always ask you to tell me what you’ve seen in your dreams while you slept. You love to play with your vocal chords and it makes me so happy to listen to you all day.

You think your daddy is the funniest person alive. He is always singing and dancing for you while you look on with a big smile and curious eyes. You love to cuddle and be rocked to sleep and more recently you hate to fall asleep on your own without some convincing.

The weather is finally getting a bit warmer and you love to fall asleep in your stroller while we walk. You are more alert and ever changing with every day we spend together. There has been no greater joy in my life than becoming your mother. I love your daddy with all of my heart but I have never felt love like I do with you, you are my heart Sylvia Chanel.