I’ve asked the moms in our Facebook group a few times about some of the biggest challenges they face as entrepreneurs who run a household. So many of you have mentioned that managing chores on top of all of the other things you do is overwhelming. I’m sure you’ve probably tried a few things and maybe it even worked for a short time, then things changed, like they always do, and old habits emerged. I’ve pulled together some ideas to help you get a handle of your household and hopefully still leave time for the kids and work.

Break it Up into Systems

coffee-morning-720x405Elna of Twinsmommy.com shared a great post with a free decluttering checklist about how she breaks her day up into four systems, Morning System,  Upstairs System, Downstairs System, and Evening System. Each part of her day incorporates housework, the kids, and managing her business. She also offers some great tips for helping part of your business and your day manage themselves.

Click here to see her full post.

Get Organized & Get Help

organizedWe all joke a lot about hiring a maid, but what if it wasn’t out of the question? Realistically most of us only need help a few hours a month with some of the bigger things like cleaning the tub, the floors, dusting, etc. I have begun doing some shopping around for this kind of help and I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Not only did I find that there are people willing to clean for between $15-$25/hr, there are also so great organizing services ranging in the same price. If you can set aside some money and a few hours of your time with a professional organizer who can help you declutter and develop some systems it can save you a ton of time and energy later on. Then, for the same price you can bring in someone for 2 hours at a time every other week to help with some of the deeper cleaning.

Schedule Days “Off”

Mother-with-her-kidsYes, I said days “off” because obviously there is no such thing. I know as entrepreneurs most of us end up working every second we get a chance. What this does is leaves us feeling stressed out because we didn’t get to the things we wanted, the baby only napped for 30 minutes, or you don’t have the help you need that particular day. Instead, really look at your week and what days make the most sense to really get things done. Then, say, on that one day you don’t have anyone around to help you with the kids, make that a “day off”. You can use that time to work around the house or play with the kids. Then, if you do actually happen to get some work done, it’s a bonus instead of a source of stress.

Printables & More Printables!

I seriously have printables coming out of my ears. I have been through so many but I can’t get enough of them. Sometimes you have to just keep going until one sticks, or take elements from a few and make your own. But don’t worry, I won’t send you on a hunt, I’ve started collecting some great FREE ones on our Pinterest.

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