If you are a busy mom, whether you have 1 kid or 5, run your own business, work out of the home, or you are a stay at home mom, chances are you NEED some kind of planner in your life to not just keep track of everything, but to make sure they actually happen!

I have been using my Parent Planner from Bluesky for about 18 months and I do really love it. I did a whole story over on Instagram about how I use that to time block my days. (SEE HOW I TIME BLOCK WITH THE PARENT PLANNER HERE) It’s been good but the Priority Planner has been a game-changer for me this week!

What Is the Priority Planner & How Is It Different?

I will admit, I was skeptical about getting ANOTHER planner. What made this one so special or different than the others? I’ve tried Happy Planners and the Life Planner by Erin Condrin and they were pretty but not quite what I needed.

The Priority Planner is a little bit different though. Each planner covers 3 months and provides you with a spread for the Month, Week, and each Day. However they force you to take time to actually think about the goals you have, whether it’s in your home or business, and then create action items each week that you are to schedule into your days so YOU ACTUALLY GET THINGS DONE!

I wasn’t sure if I’d actually do it if I’m being honest. At the beginning of the week I have to sit down and write out my top priorities for the week, map out what my morning routine looks like, and then make a list of action items and which days I want to do those tasks that help me complete my priority list. But I have done it all week and gotten more of those things that linger EVERY day done (hello filing my taxes and making appointments!).

Morning Routine

For me one of the best parts is that it forces me to create a morning routine each week. It can be the exact same each week but I love that I get to re-evaluate this each week and add things in as I get better at sticking to it. Mine involves drinking a tall glass of water and completing a writing task or prompt (that is how this is getting written!), get the kids up, make sure they do their chores, and write in my Priority Planner.

I actually have ended up doing my planner at night time for the following day which works MUCH better for me so this coming week that will come off of my morning routine and I can replace it with something else or just continue as is. My goal is to work in 10-15 minutes of exercise each morning but right now I am really focused on EASING INTO THINGS and not overwhelming myself. I want this to work and to do that I know I need to fill my planner with the things I can make happen that are most beneficial. Right now, writing is far more likely to happen as I open my eyes and sit down than exercise. I hope to change that and make both happen!

Reflective Moments

This is my first full week so I am going into my first time using the “Weekly Review” spread. There is also a quarterly review you can do at the beginning of your planner to reflect on the previous 3 months. I really like that it encourages you to own the things you didn’t make happen but also figure out why it didn’t happen and what you can change. Each daily spread also encourages you to think about the thing that would make you proud to get done that day and what some of your roadblocks might be that stop you from hitting goals. For me it’s often the kid’s needing me, headaches & exhaustion (pregnancy at it’s finest!) and unexpected plans or appointments.

How I Use My Planner

I have been really focused on a few areas this week that my planner has helped me with and I am a nerd and color code each of my spreads lol. I use my weekly spread to set goals for my business (right now it’s launching the Becoming a Social Media Manager Program!) and my daily life. I also reviewed exactly how I filled out my spreads in my Instagram Stories which you can see here.

Some of the goals for myself and my family have been creating healthy routines and habits. This week since using my planner I have completed a simple chore plan for the kids (ages 4 and 7), wrote out our school routine by day so I can reference it when I am filling out my daily schedule, and today I am hoping to make a simple nutrition plan which is really just an outline of the times of day I want to eat so we aren’t snacking all day and some healthy snacks I can prepare ahead of time for us.

I have also been color coding my daily spreads. I write everything out with my favorite pen in black ink and then use my Frixion highlighters to highlight each line. I have a color for tasks related to the kids, my business, wellness, household chores, and then daily self-care. The reason I do this is that it helps me get a quick visual of where I am spending my time and make sure my weeks stay more balanced. Some days are more heavily focused on the kids while others on my business, but I can glance at the pages and see where the majority of my time is going.

Overall I would definitely recommend picking one up, it’s been a big help for me this week and I am looking forward to filling out my weekly review spread today or tomorrow!