I had finally found my groove — you know, the elusive flow where writing doesn’t feel like being a five year old child at the dinner table and your mom is saying, “Tell me the truth now.” Instead it feels so electrifying and you’re oohing and aching and mentally high-fiving yourself because of all the juicy knowledge you’re dropping. Ryan Gosling is practically sitting next to you saying, “Hey, girl, you’re really rocking those yoga pants and that disheveled hair and you’re changing lives.” For me, those moments are far and few in between because, quite simply, life happens. Next thing I know, the phone rings and it’s my honey. “Hey, babe, can you pick up J from daycare? I have to work late again and I’m not gonna make it in time.” In an instant, Ryan Gosling was gone and so was my groove. Deep breathing time. “Yeah, babe. No problem. I’ll pick him up and start dinner. I’ll save your plate.” Off I went.

Life is increasingly complex. As mompreneurs, we juggle multiple to-do lists — family, business, and, oh yeah, our personal one. There are sweet moments of victory (the family raved at the new recipe you tried AND your Instagram following increased by 40%) and moments of head hanging defeat (missing the play AND not getting the deal). It is a roller coaster of emotion — dizzying highs and heartbreaking lows, all in a matter of seconds. It can take its toll on you, both mentally and physically.

I always shied away from meditation. Too spiritual. Too woo woo. Too much. “You want me to what? Just sit there? I can’t meditate. My mind is always racing. I can’t sit still. I wouldn’t be any good at it. I don’t have time. Have you seen my schedule?!?” I love that Zen saying, “You should meditate for 20 minutes a day. Too busy? You should meditate for an hour.” Gets me every time!

Meditation doesn’t have to be so enigmatic. In fact, it is practical and purposeful. Here are five reasons that meditation is a life-changing must for mompreneurs everywhere —

1) Meditation will help you cut through the noise of everyday life so you can hear yourself.

I now understand that meditation is simply being 100% in the present moment. From the moment we wake up until we fall asleep, we are in our thoughts. We think about what happened yesterday, five years ago, decisions we need to make, the uncertainty of tomorrow, etc. We worry about paying bills, our business strategy, raising good children — everything under the sun. We are constantly bombarded by what everyone thinks — society, social media, and the opinion of family members. How can we listen to our heart if it’s being drowned out by all the noise? Meditation helps us to strip away the layers of everyday life so that we can hear ourselves and honor our inner wisdom.

2) Meditation helps you make better decisions.

Thinking about what direction to take your business in? Wondering if you should have another baby next year? Get still and meditate. Consider that you already have the answers you are seeking. Meditation helps you to get clear on what is important to you so that you can live your life in alignment with your values. When you are clear on your values, decision making becomes easier. Meditation is the first step in the process of designing a life you love.

3) You think twice before reacting.

Meditation is a game changer in our relationships with others. Instead of being quick to react out of anger and frustration, we start taking deep breaths, tuning into ourselves, and then proceeding from a place of peace. We learn to be more present in our relationships and accepting people and situations for who/what they are. What a powerful example for our children and what a delightful gift — the gift of our unconditional presence. Also, in our business dealings, we learn to get grounded in our truth before reacting out of fleeting emotion.

4) Meditation is good for your health.

Studies have shown that meditation affects your health in a good way. It helps you to manage your stress, which is good for your blood pressure, immune system, and concentration abilities. Breath meditation helps to calm your fight or flight response through deep breaths and anchoring your brain in the present moment.

5) Meditation taps you into your inner power.

There may be times in your life where you may not feel very powerful. Meditation is an important reminder that you are a part of a world filled with infinite possibilities. We think about our situation so much that we get lost in the rabbit hole of thought. It becomes hard to view our situations objectively and we can’t see any way out. Meditation helps us to take the blinders off and to trust in the foundation of our faith — our faith in ourselves, our beliefs, our connection to life.

How to Start a Meditation Practice

Set yourself up for success by doing the following —

Commit to a 40 day practice. 40 day practices are powerful because you have a chance to establish a habit and fully integrate it into your life.

Create a meditation spot in your room or somewhere in your house. Make it beautiful and meaningful to you. It can be a small altar of your favorite things (picture of loved ones, flowers, crystals, etc).

Create your own meditation pillow (or buy one online). I like to sit on the floor upright against the wall.

Use mala beads to count your breath. By physically touching the beads, you are reminded that your only purpose during meditation is to breathe.

Meditate first thing in the morning. I have found that WPM has been the only way that I carry out a successful meditation practice. That is, Wake-up, Potty, Meditate. If I wait, I won’t do it. Life gets in the way. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to start the day with much needed time for yourself. I always say, “ME time before WE time, honey.

Start with five minutes. Set your phone timer. During those five minutes, breathe deeply and luxuriously. Feel how your breath moves through your body — the rise and fall of your chest, the expansion and contraction of your belly. Observe how your body feels. Caution: notice, but don’t judge. We already judge ourselves too much about everything. Meditation doesn’t need to be one of them. You’re not going to get a grade at the end your meditation. In other words, meditation is all about being 100% in the moment. At the beginning of each week, add an additional minute to your timer.

Let your thoughts float. The point of meditation is not to stop thinking. It’s to bring your awareness back to your breath instead of going down the rabbit hole of a particular thought. Every time a thought enters your mind and tries to pull you into the past or push you into the future, simply bring your awareness back to your breath. This may mean that you consciously bring your awareness back to your breath a million times during your meditation. Hokey pokey, honey! That’s what it’s all about. Let your breath anchor you in the present moment.

Mompreneur, you are more powerful than you know. The world needs your brilliance. Your children need your warmth and your guidance. Everything that you’re dealing with on a daily basis can leave you frazzled and scattered. Meditation helps you to gather the pieces and live authentically and audaciously.

By Yogi Tish

tish-author-300x300Yogi Tish is a Spiritual Life Coach and Yoga + Meditation Teacher based out of Austin, Texas. She helps people design a life they absolutely love. Stressed out and craving alignment with her values, Yogi Tish recently left her job in Corporate Finance to focus 100% on what lights her up. When she’s not coaching, blogging or teaching yoga, she’s hanging with her family, trying out healthy recipes in the kitchen, and rocking Adidas Originals. Check her out at www.yogitish.com or send her an email at tish@ochobrazos.com.

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